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Automotive Refinishing

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Automotive Refinishing 

After we have finished with our blasting process the next stage is to paint which is always recommended to customer. If you are not sure on what coating to use give us a call and speak to one of our trained staff who can help. All vehicles and components we blasted are painted in specific Automotive paint to allow  you to continue the restoration process after the vehicle leaves our factory using automotive 2 pak paint which all panel shops use.

The first layer of paint for any raw steel is zinc rich etch primer (zinc phosphate). We use this etch primer to seal the vehicle and to stop the metal oxidizing. This process is applied almost immediately after the vehicle has been blasted, as  the metal will oxidize very quickly especially in winter when there is a lot of moisture present in the air.

Some blasting companies offer using a clear that they spray over the bare metal to seal the vehicle once blasted. They claim this is much better than an etch primer as you can see the repairs that need to be done on the vehicle.

This is in fact NOT recommended and we do not apply this chemical as it is NOT an automotive paint product rather it is a chemical that is used on structural raw steel to avoid flash rust while the steel is being cut/welded and normally gets blasted off after the item has been fabricated in preparation for its coating.

Almost all major paint suppliers will NOT warrant their paint if applied over this chemical as they cannot guarantee adhesion to this product and longevity of their product being applied over it.