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Soda Vs Sand Blasting

The myths exposed!!!

Soda blasting Pros

  • Soda blasting is Non abrasive
  • Soda blasting Does not warp or damage any surface due to not producing any heat on impact.
  • Soda blasting Strips painted surfaces quickly depending on layers of paint on item.
  • Soda blasting media has non abrasive properties which makes it a very universal blasting media which can be applied to lighter materials such as aluminium, plastic, fibreglass, wood etc
  • Soda Blasting does not damage glass, rubber, chrome items if they are left on a vehicle for blasting.


Soda Blasting Con's

  • Due to soda blasting being non abrasive it does not remove rust
  • Soda blasting is generally more expensive than other forms of blasting as the soda blasting media is imported from U.S.A.

Sandblasting Pro's

  • Sand blasting Strips paint very fast as it is very abrasive compared to soda
  • Sandblasting removes rust and body sound deadener as it is abrasive.
  • Sand blasting is great for industrial items that can handle high pressure and course media.


Sandblasting Con's

  • Sandblasting is not suitable for blasting automotive vehicle roofs, bonnets, boot lids and other panels as on impact it creates heat and results in warping or distorting the panel being blasted.
  • Sandblasting is abrasive and the item being blasted needs to be treated within 24 hours of being blasted to reduced surface rust from forming especially if there is moisture present.
  • Sandblasting pits the surface it is being applied to and if this pitting is too course powder coating and other forms of coatings may show up imperfections due to the course rough surface left from the blasting.